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Auction/Sale Notices of Naval Stores Sub Depot, Dhaka

You will find all auction/sale notices of Naval Stores Sub Depot, Dhaka. At present we have 77 auction/sale notices under Naval Stores Sub Depot, Dhaka. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Procurement of Main AC Plant Compressor With Moto. Procurement of Reagent For Fully Automated Urine Analyzer. Procurement of White Board Marker, Air Freshener. Procurement of Battery. Procurement of Portable Diesel Pump with Accessories. Purchase of Flood Light, LED, Flexible Insulated Electric, Circuit Breaker, Heavy Duty Emergency Light 220V AC. Purchase of Paper Offset. Purchase of Blanket 4 Ply (Sorm). Purchase of Digital Iron Safe. Purchase of Covered van & open Truck. Purchase of Refil For water type Fire Extinguisher and Refil For Foam type Fire Extinguisher. Purchase of Steering PCB. Purchase of Wall Clock. Purchase of AC Cooling Pump with Motor. Purchase of Programmable Touch Keyboard. Purchase of CS/AN3 TYPE 30MM NAVAL GUN (Self/Non Self Locking Switch, Hose, Synchro Drive, Display Control Circuit Board & Operating Lever). Purchase of Attitude Information Box. Purchase of Display Module, Gyro Ball. Purchase of Video Wall with Controller. Procurement of Toner. Procurement of Cartridge and Portable Hard Disk Drive. Procurement of LED Screen. Procurement of Rexine cover and Paper. Procurement of Echo Sounder Simulator. Purchase of SPARE PARTS FOR CPP SYSTEM - BNS ANUSANDHAN (Universal Positioners and servo actuators). Purchase of SPARE PARTS FOR DIESEL GENERATOR (Lub Oil Filter, Air Filter Element, Belt, Injector, Seal Injector, Washer, Intake Valve, Exhaust Valve, Gasket Cylinder Head, Gasket Cylinder Head Cover, Pistons Rings Kit). Purchase of Microprocessor PCB, RF & IF PCB of RF Unit. Purchase of Desktop Computer. Purchase of Shoe Canvas for Officer. Procurement of Dual Pulse Generator. Procurement of Sodium Hydrogen Sulfer/Equivalent. Procurement of Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch, Temperature Switch of Sensor. Purchase of Distilled Water. Purchase of Office Equipment (Multimedia with Screen, Printer & UPS (Off Line)). Purchase of Exhaust Fan Motor. Purchase of SIP Telephone Set. Purchase of Spare Parts of RHIB Engine. Purchase of 08 Line Consumable Items (Aerosols, Air freshner, Car Freshner, Father, Tisue Paper, Gamcha, Soap). Purchase of Cap Peaked with badge for Lady Officer- Single Brass. Purchase of Cap Peaked With Badge for Lady Officer (Without Brass). Purchase of Tone Detector, TDS/DTR Card. Purchase of Lan Cable Tester. Purchase of Anemometer. Installation Of OFC With Various Items (06 Core OFC, Duct Pipe, UTP (Cat-6) cable, PoE switch 04 port, Media converter, Steel Box, Electric cable 2.5RM, Combined Socket, Plastic channel, Trench cutting, Road boring, Hand Hole & Installation & Commissioning)- Sailors. Purchase of Spare Parts For AC Plant Compressor. Overhauling of Various Items For BN PABXs. Overhauling of Starter Generator. Purchase of Detector, Metal-Archway. Purchase of Wiper Floor Cleaning. Purchase of Microwave Trainer System. Purchase of Belt Waist Blue. Procurement of Looking Glass, Clvtch Selave, Contact Plate, Carbon Brush, Lub oi Filter, Air Filter. Procurement of Brush Boot Hard. Procurement of Blacking Black. Procurement of Bed Sheet. Procurement of Jacket Winter. Procurement of Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil, Grease, Lub Oil and Engine Oil. Procurement of Oil, Mobil, Paint and Thinner. Procurement of Echo Sounder Furuno. Purchase of Cloth Cotton Navy Blue Poplin CIV Employee For Blouse, Cap Religious Teacher, Jubba, Religious Teacher. Purchase of Strings For Violin, Viola, Bow For Viola, Strings For Cello, Bow For Cello, Strings For Contrabass, Mallet For timpani, Bow For Violin, Razin. Purchase of Cylindrical Display Accessories. Purchase of CCTV System with Accessories. Purchase of Menu Stand with BN Crest. Purchase of Cloth Table DD (White). Purchase of Decanter. Purchase of Jug Water Crystal. Purchase of Sherry Glass Toasting. Purchase of Goblet Crystal. Purchase of 08 Line Mess Traps Items ( Fork Carving SS, Knife). Procurement of Cup Shrimp Cocktail. Procurement of Bowl Finger Glass. Procurement of Tumbler Table. Procurement of Tumbler Table Crystal. Purchase of Line Diving Items. Purchase of Super Hygiene Pallet. CONFIGURATION AND INTEGRATION OF SERVER, RFID (RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION) AND NECESSARY HARDWARE OF BNA LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.
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