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Auction/Sale Notices of Naval Stores Depot

You will find all auction/sale notices of Naval Stores Depot. At present we have 152 auction/sale notices under Naval Stores Depot. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Pontoon Work. Purchase of Pump Lift For Diesel Generator (Cummins). Purchase of hand pump Piston, Cast Iron. Purchase of Rope, POLYESTER MULTIPLAITED. Purchase of Rope, POLYAMIDE MULTIPLAITE. Procurement of Speed Sensor. Purchase of Sensor Hydraulic Oil Filter and Sensor Flooding. Purchase of Dynamo for BNS PADMA. Purchase of Print-Cartridge. Purchase of Rope. Purchase of Hood Canopy Complete for Pickup. Purchase of Tools Bag. Purchase of Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). Purchase of Jelly Petroleum. Purchase of DC To DC Converter For Meteorological Instrument. Purchase of Indicator Cock, Valve Assy, Air Starting. Purchase of Pipe Cupronickel (line items-2). Purchase of Cartridge, N2 Gas, Fire Extinguisher. Purchase of Pin Crown-Forged Steel. Purchase of Rope Wire Flexibloe Steel, Dia- 20 and 12mm. Purchase of Various Line Items (For Target Vessel). Supply of Channel Amplifier. Supply of Cruise Command Processor PCB (Processor,Cruise Command,12/24V DC 7Amps Max). Supply of WiFi Router. Supply of Hot Air Gun. Supply of NP-21 Bay of Bengal Pilot. Procurement of Firewall, Printer, Server Rack, WIFI Router, Scanner, Network Switch. Purchase of Anchor Stockless. Purchase of Coupling Rubber. Purchase of Portable Submersible Pump Purchase of Portable Diesel Pump and Pump Fire and Bilge Portable Diesel. Purchase of Filter Element For Main Engine Gear Box (Deutz). Purchase of Plate, End. Purchase of Tyre tubeless and Horn. Purchase of Starter, Air,T25. Purchase of Membrane, RO Plant Purchase of Pump, Raw Water. Purchase of Various Paint and Thinner. Purchase of Gauge, Pressure. Purchase of Crimping Tool. Purchase of Audio Board. Purchase of Filter Lub Oil and Nozzle For Main Engine. Purchase of Fresh Water Hydrophore Pump With Motor. Purchase of Filter Element Lub Oil For Diesel Generator. Purchase of Spare Parts For Main Engine Gear Box (Bearing, Bowl, Coupling Assy, Frame, Gasket, O-ring, Spindle). Purchase of Element Cartridge and Element Lub Oil Filter For Main Engine. Procurement of Phase Sequence Meter. Procurement of Epoxy Resin. Procurement of Pistol Grip Drills (Drill Machine). Procurement of Various Type of Sensor. Procurement of Valve Air Reducing. Purchase of Block Rubber, Seal Mechanical. Purchase of Relay Time, Thermal Over Load. Purchase of Battery. Purchase of Cleaning Agent, Alkali, Sterilization. Purchase of Pre Amlifier. Purchase of Electrical Item (Optical Fiber Cable, Chasis, Converter, Plug, Wifi Router, Socket and Splitter. Purchase of DC To DC Converter. Purchase of Rope, Polyolefin. Procurement of Digital Control. Purchase of Seal Mechanical. Purchase of Injector For Marine AC Diesel Generator. Purchase of Pneumatic Finder. Purchase of Seal Mechanical. Purchase of Pulley For Diesel Generator. Purchase of Rubber Impeller. Purchase of Spare Parts For Diesel Generator (LCP). Purchase of Impeller For AC Cooling Sea Water Pump. Purchase of Cartridge Oil Filter For AC Compressor. Procurement of Gloves Anti Flash Fire Fighting. Procurement of Rotary Switch. Procurement of Joint Rubber. Procurement of Cable Electric and Circuit Breaker. Procurement of Lub Oil. Procurement of Dual Channel True Diversity Wireless Receiver With Hand & Tec Microphone. Procurement of Combine Switch. Procurement of File Cover (Ordinary). Procurement of Sound Power Telephone (SPT) System. Procurement of Wall Fan. Procurement of Battery. Procurement of Filter Element As Air, Filter Cartridge, V-Belt, Air Filter. Procurement of ABC Fire Extinguisher Cap, Co2 Fire Extinguisher Cap, 9 Ltr AFFF Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Co2 Cap. Procurement of Magnetic Conductor. Procurement of Rivet Aluminum, Collate Chuck, End Mill Cutter, Tap End Die Set Complete, Road Filter Brass. Procurement of Samiana WIth Jalor. Procurement of UTP cable. Procurement of Refrigerator. Procurement of Impeller For Wash Water Pump. Procurement of SRE System with Accessories (Attached List). Procurement of Conference System With Accessories (Attached Accessories List). Procurement of Hood Canopy Complete L-8 Feet 4 inch, B-12 Feet , L-15 Feet 5 inch, B-17 Feet (Lot 2). Procurement of Rivet Aluminum, Nozzle Cleaner Set, GI Pipe, Rod Filler Copper, Rod Filler Brass. Procurement of Plate MS, Pipe MS, Pipe GI, Rod Filler Brass. Procurement of Glass Mat, Heat Gel, Table Number Stand, Candle Stand. Procurement of Deep Fridge. Procurement of Battery. Supply of Remover, PAINT. Supply of Paint, EPOXY, Red-Hempadure. Supply of Various Paint. Purchase of Kit Electrolyte Analyzer. Purchase of Heating Element. Purchase of Cartridge, Fliter. Purchase of Motor DC, Motor Universal, Starter and Fuse,HRC. Purchase of Barometer, Scale. Purchase of Fan. Purchase of Chair, Revolving With Arm. Purchase of Tub Brass, Flower Base. Purchase of Lub. Purchase of Lub. Purchase of Lub Oil. Purchase of Lub Oil. Purchase of Oil Shell Omala, Catalyst 500, Grease, Lub SHELL and Coolant. Purchase of Paint. Purchase of Digital Telephone Set & IP Telephone Set. Purchase of Magnetic Contactor. Purchase of Magnetic Contactor. Purchase of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). Purchase of Element, Filter & Separator,Fuel/Water. Purchase of Pump with Motor and Submersible Pump. Purchase of Tyre With Tube. Purchase of Mother Board. Purchase of PCB, Mother Board. Purchase of Module, Power Supply. Purchase of Module, Marquee Display. Purchase of sensor. Purchase of Lithium Battery (7.2V 5600mAh). Purchase of Power Supply Unit, (Switching, 450W) Purchase of Busbar Insulator. Purchase of Electric Horn. Purchase of Pedestal Fan. Purchase of Siren Electric Motor. Purchase of Binocular. Procurement of PCB Assy. Procurement of Microphone Press To Talk. Procurement of PCB, Bearing. Procurement of Detector Module. Procurement of Internal Power Supply. Procurement of Variable Frequency Drive. Purchase of SRE System with Accessories. Purchase of Fan. Purchase of Tube Light. Purchase of String, Plastic Back Pack Brush Cutter. Purchase of Gauge, Fresh Water Temperature for BNS JOYJATRA. Purchase of Empty Drum. Purchase of Impeller Rubber for Diesel Generator (Cummins). Purchase of Gown. Purchase of Lube Oil. Purchase of Impeller and Seal Mechanical. Purchase of Spare Parts For Outboard Engine (Mercury). Purchase of Kit Impeller For Cummins Engine. Purchase of Hood Canopy. Purchase of Rivet Aluminum, Nozzle Cleaner Set, GI Pipe, Rod Filler Copper, Rod Filler Brass.
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