Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Constructional Materials Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Constructional Materials. At present we have 26 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Repair/Removal/Replacement/Re-Fixing of Internal & External Electric Supply Line including Fitting/Fixtures and Supply of Goods for Maintenance Works of Water & Gas Supply Line (Group 2). Purchase of Tecogenerator/Auxiliary Oil Pump, Boring Pump Column Pipe, Shaft/Impeller & OT Crane Trolley Motor, Different Vehicle Spare & Hardware Goods, Constructional Items, Replacement and Repair of Truck Crossbeam and Appointment of Handling Contractor (5 Lots). Material Supply & Purchase of Tools Labor & other for On-Pavement Routine Maintenance. Supplying of best quality stone chips, Auto machine made bricks, Pea-gravels, Sand and fire wood. Supply of Raw Materials (Spring Wire, Epoxy Heavy Duty Roller Applied Floor Coating Qty (2 Lots). Supplying of Road Construction Materials (Bitumen, Emulsion, Stone chips, Sand & Bricks etc). Supply of Asphalt Materials for emergency repairing of different roads. Supplying of Materials for Routine Maintenance on Pavement works. Supplying of Bitumen Bitumen Emulsion Stone Ships 20mm & 12mm down, graded Coarse, Sand Sylhet Sand and First Class Bricks .etc for Mobil Maintenance purpose. Supply of maintenance materials-Supply of hardware and other relevant maintenance materials. Supply of Materials for MMT under LGED. Procurement of Different types of Fittings & Plumbing Materials for Water/Gas Line under Civil Division of APSCL. Enlistment of Organization/Supplier (Event management organizations and Event Equipment, Wooden Equipment, Carpenter, Furniture, AC, Electronic Maintainer, Sanitary and Cleaning Items Suppliers, Construction organization (Civil and Electrical), Restaurant Suppliers, Laundry and Tailoring Organization, IT and Computer Accessories Supplier, Printing and Stationary Supplier, Miscellaneous Goods Supplier, Decorators). Production of Different types of SPC Pole, Anchor Block and Bottom Cover (22nd Phase). Supply of Materials (Routine Maintenance On Pavement). Supply of Materials for MMT. Yearly Contract for Supply of Office Stationery & Hospital Materials, Building Materials, Electrical Materials (3 Lots). Procurement of 400 mm diameter Inter linked Buried Pipe Line construction material. Materiel Supply for On-Pavement (Mobile Maintenance). Enlistment for Contractor for Food Items, General Materials & Others Supplier, Engineering Materials & Maintenance, Printing Materials & Suppliers, Workshop for Maintenance of Vehicle/Car. Supply of Materials for On Pavement Maintenance. Supply of Materials, Tools Fuel Labour and Others for On-Pavement. Supply of Different Construction Materials. Invitation for Dress Sewing & Making and Supply of Electric Items, Hardware, Plumbing, Sanitation & Carpentry Goods, Stationary Items, Uniform & other Goods and Construction Materials (Group 6). Supply of Materials for MMT. Supply of Bitumen Emulsion Stone Chips 20mm & 12mm down Graded Coarse Sand, Sylhet Sand and 1st Class Brick Chips.
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