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Land Development / Earth Filling Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Land Development / Earth Filling. At present we have 28 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Emergency Repair of Potholes on the existing Pavement & Construction of RCC Plate Palisiding at different Km of Road and Clearing & Grubbing of road shoulder & embankment and earth work and repairing of Bailey Bridge including supplying and fitting, fixing of Decking Nut-bolts with washer. Construction of 2-Storied Circle Land Office With 4-Storied Foundation In/c Civil, Sanitary, Internal & External Electrification Works, Boundary Wall, Main Gate, Compound Drain, Site Development and Internal Road. Land Development for the Establishment of PPS for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. The filling of southern part of the pool and construction of boundary wall. Construction of Ozukhana, Guide Wall, Boundary Wall, RCC Road, RCC Drain, Slab, Vaskarjo of Banga bandhu with Guide Wall, Maintenance of Mosque, Mondir, Supplying AC, Development of Road, Installation of Tube Well, Earth Filing Works, Painting of Office (16 Lots). Construction of Boundary Wall, Earth Filling Work, Garage, Repair of Thana, Quarter (Lot-9). Sand filling works. Expression of Interest (EOI) for Supply & Delivery of Various Goods and Services for UNHCR Operations (Customer Service, Construction Materials, Fuel, Hygiene Items, ICT Accessories, Fire Fighting Equipments, Office Furniture, Office Stationery, Internet Service, Casual Labor Provider, Cleaning & Jaritorial Services, Conference Service, Customs Clearance, LPG, Telecommunication Service, Info. Management Service, Heavy Machinery, Generator, Power & Energy, Logistics Services, Translation, Training & Development, Shelter Items, Security Service & Accessories, Communication & Advertising, Printing & Warehouse Service, Consultancy, Research, Repair & Maintenance Vehicle, AC, Compond, Shelter, Printer, Electrical & Electronics Items, Drinking Water, Water Transportation, Refreshment Items, Vehicle Accessories, Travel Services, Vehicle Rental, Site Development, Lease/Rental Property, Warehouse, Medicine & Medical Equipment. Construction of Cherang Ghor, Stair, Guide Wall, Embankment, Veranda, Latrine, Dressing Room, CC Road, Palasiding & Earth Filling, Drain, Water Supply Line (Lot-24). General & Site Facilities, Earthwork on Road Embankment, Widening of Existing Pavement (5.50m to 7.30m), Strengthening of Existing Pavement (5.50m), Surfacing (DBS Base & DBS Wearing Course) (7.30m), Construction of Hard Shoulder (2x1.50m), Curve Straightening, Re-Construction of 1 No RCC Box Culvert at 4th Km, Construction of Saucer Drain, Protective Work (RCC Plate Palisiding), Traffic Sign, Sign Post, Guide Post, KM Post, Road Marking & Tree Plantation. Sand/ Soil filling for site development for Construction work of building. Sand filling in Field at Technical School and College. Sand Filling at Polytechnic Institute. Earth Filling and Boundary wall Works of Sadar Graveyard. Development of Land, Construction of Parking (Lot-04). Land Development work & Earth Protection guide wall. Emergency Earthwork at Road. Palishiding and Earth work of existing Pucca road and Construction of HBB road and earth work and Construction of CC road. Repair & Renovation of Bhaban, Room, Office, Tiles, Painting and Extension & Repair of Boundary Wall & Painting Works and Land Development Works (Group 9). Earthfilling work in-front of Pond. Construction of Park, Improvement of Field by Sand Filing, Graveyard by Earth Filling, Road by Earth Filling. Construction of Stage, Water House, Drain, Boundary Wall, Stair, PCC Casting of Floor, Plaster Work of Wall, Earth Filling Work, Replacement of Shed by Changing Angle, Color Tin, Manufacturing and Installation of RCC Slab, Air Conditioner (Lot-11). Land Development Work. Improvement of Road by Soling, CC, RCC, Construction of Pool, Recreation Structure, Culvert, Gate, Bridge, Drain, Ghatla, Earth Filling Work (Lot-12). Site Development Work at Govt. High School. Improvement of Earth filling works. Civil, Sanitary, Electrification & Site Development. Improvement of Road by BC, Earthwork & Carpeting Work at Road.
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