Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Painting Works for Building, Pole, Road and related Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Painting Works for Building, Pole, Road and related. At present we have 11 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Road Marking works by Marking Paint and Installation of GI Pipe Raling & Zebra Crossing (Group 2). Civil, Sanitary Repair and Color Works of Quarter. Boundary wall color with establish Barbed Wired in west & south side of police lines. Civil, Sanitary repair with color of outside the Building. Painting Work of Stair Room. Painting Work of Different Unit & Structure. Repair, maintenance and painting works in 60MW power house area. Painting of Switch yard and Filter bank fencing. Repairing, Painting & Numbering of Pole, Garden Light, T&T Box & Security Light Control Box, Flower Chari, Bus Stand, Grill, Pipe Railing, Liming /Printing & Signboard Painting & Writing Works, Divider, Beauty Spot, Mosque Front Side, Water Tank, Hospital Wall, Footpath, Floor Paved Tiles & Wall Fessing Brick /Tiles Hygienic Washing, Diver Washing, Cleaning, Striker, Rope Installation, RCC Road Divider (6 Lots). Rehabilitation work by Overlay With 60mm Dense Bituminous Surfacing-Base Course & 50mm DBS Wearing course including 100mm Base Type-1 at Widening Portion & furnishing Road Marking AND Existing Pavement Strengthening by Base Type-1, DBS Wearing Course, Sign Signal, Road marking at Road. Painting works of all operational buildings-Repair plaster & renewing painting outside surface of PTB-01 & 02 in/c. other associated works.
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