Monday, September 16, 2019

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Scanner Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Scanner. At present we have 16 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Supply of Photocopy Machine, Micro-computer, Laptop, Laser Printer, Scanner UPS (2 Group). Procurement of Computer (PC), Laser Printer & Scanner (Lot 2). Procurement of Office Equipments (Brand Computer, Laser Printer, UPS, Computer Table (ISO Certified), Computer Chair (ISO Certified), Photocopier (Digital) with Voltage Stabilizer, Air Conditioner, Scanner (Legal Size), Wall clock - 8 ) Procurement of Laptop, Desktop Computer, Printer and Scanner. Supply of Computer, Printer, UPS and Scanner. Procurement of Scanner. Procurement of Computer, Offline UPS, Laser Printer, Scanner (Lot-3). Supply of Printing Goods, Stationery Item, Uniform/Dress, Document Scanner, Umbrella & Bag and Hardware Goods For Repair of Transformer. Supply of Computer Electric Bill, Printing Goods, Stationery Goods, Hardware goods for Transformer Repair, Server UPS, Scanner, Dot-Printer, Laser Printer, Computer Accessories and Dress (6 Lots). Procurement of Office Equipment(Desktop Computer, Laptop, Printer, Photocopier, Scanner, Time Punching Machine, Fax Machine, Metal Detector etc). Procurement of Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner, UPS etc. Supply of Desktop Computer (Clone), UPS, Laptop, Dot Printer, Laser Printer and Scanners, Purchase and Installation of CCTV Camera, Printing Items, Stationery Items (Lot-4). Supply and Installation of Laptop, Desktop Computer, Printer, UPS and Scanner for RIMS. Supply of Industrial 3D CT Scanner, Ammunition Auto Packing Machine with Laser Marking and Varnishing Machine, Automatic Strapping Machine, Rectifier for Electro Chrome Plating (Lot-4). Procurement of Document Scanner. Procurement of CNC Vertical Machining Centre, Double Soindle 5 Axis CNC Turning Centre, 8 Axis Portable Arm Type CMM with 3D Scanner, Bullet Blanking and Cupping Machine, Universal Milling Machine, NC Bridge Port Milling Machine, Gear Shaping Machine, Double Column Metal Cutting Band saw Machine, Hole Making EDm Machine, Tools (29 Items, 49 Items), Cutter, Pig Iron with 6 Items, Surface Grinding Machine, Built Welding Machine and 3D Laser (SLS) Printer (Lot-16).
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