Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Intercom/PABX Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Intercom/PABX. At present we have 14 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Supply and Installation of PABX System. Supply of PABX/Intercom, Conference System, On grid solar PV system and Dehumidifier. Procurement of Telecommunication (Telecom Accessories), Office Equipment (Intercom, Sound System, WiFi System), Computer Software (Web Site, Web Portal, Domain Web Based & other Customary Software) (Lot 4). Call for Expression of Interest of Supplier Enlistment (IT Equipment (Desktop Computer, Laptop, UPS, Digital Sender, Scanner, GIS Work Station, Barcode Scanner, Plotter, Battery, ICT Accessories, Server etc.), office Stationery, office Equipment and Maintenance-Photocopiers, Printer, PABX etc, Internet Service, Mobile call service Providers(Telecommunication company), Electrical Equipment and Maintenance Service-Generator, Air-conditioning System, Megaphone Etc, Internet Service Provider, Household items (Refrigerator, Television, Microwave oven etc), Mobile Phone Suppliers/company (Handset), supply of Fuel(vehicle), Cleaning and security companies, Drinking water Supply, courier service Provider(international and Local), outsource service Provider(drivers, Vehicle rental, office maintenance etc), online Vacancy announcement service Provider(online Portal), surveys, evaluation and data collection, printing publishing service provider, Insurance Service Provider, vehicle maintenance services and spare parts(garage services), firefighting Equipment services and maintenance, Interpretation and Translation, Landscaping service provider, Advertisement company(publish in newspapers), Electronic Safety, security & IT Solution, Training Service Provider(IT, Language etc), Event Management company, Promotional and Visibility Materials(banner, sign post, caps, T shirt, Brander vest, Bags etc, Medicine.first aid Kits/Surgical items, Plastic Container/plastic goods, Miscellaneous and General Suppliers(Tiffin box, Uniform etc). Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Intercom System, Intercom Telephone Set with Required Cables & Accessories. Procurement of Split Type Air-cooler including wiring and controlling system, PABX intercom system, IP- CCTV System, Wi-Fi Networking System, Submersible water pump motor set ( 01 no deep tube well and 2 no for distribution), Security and Garden Light, Lightning protection device, Fire Extinguisher. Remaining Works of PABX, Air Cooler, Motor Pump, Solar Panel & Fire Extinguisher. Provision of Fire Fitting System, Internal Electric & Water Supply Line, Gas Supply Line, PABX System & Lightning Conductor With Ancillary Work (Lots-09). Replacement/repair including servicing of damaged/unserviceable parts of CCTV & PABX system. Provision of 2000 KVA HT AVR with 11KV Bipas Switch and Fire Fighting System, Security Light & Garden Light, Gas Supply Line, Electrical & Water Supply Line, PABX System, Lighting Conductor with Ancillary Works (Group 8). Procurement and Installation of Digital Intercom System. Providing and Installation of Substation, Solar Panel, General, Pump Motor, Lightning Arrester, PABX/Intercom & Others Related Electric Works. Installation of 400KVA Substation equipment, Generator & Air Cooler, Pump motor, Digital PABX, Security Light, Fire Extinguisher & On grid solar System with all accessories. Enlistment For Supply of Stationary, Printing, ICT Equipment accessories and Consumables (Like Laptop/Desktop Computer, Router, Network, Switch, Firewall, Banking & Utility Software, Structured Cabling & Networking Accessories, Online/Offline UPS, Flatbed/Document/MICR, Scanner, Network/Desktop Printer, Server, Computer Accessories, CCTV, DVR/NVR, PABX, IP/PABX Phone set, Finger Print Access Control, Others Computer Software & Hardware Items, Toner, Mechanical Equipments/Electrical Accessories/Electrical Items & Repairing/Replacement, Architectural/Interior Designing & Consultancy Service, Interior Decoration & Repairing/Replacement, Funiture and Fixtures (Steel Furniture, Iron Safe, Locker Repair/Replacement and Advertising/Branding-Pena Flex Sign Board, Bill Sign, Neon Sign Board & Hoardings, Courier Service, Maintenance of Office Vehicle, Security & Cleaning Service, Cash Carrying Outsourced Service, Insurance, General Order Suppliers/Services, Which On ot Fall Under any othe Above Categories (Group 14).
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