Monday, September 16, 2019

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Industrial Raw Materials Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Industrial Raw Materials. At present we have 13 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Supply of Hard Steel Ball, Disconnector Trimming Die, Hammer Cold Trimming Die, Selector Cold Trimming Die, Die, Mould (Lot-4), Purchase of Pig Iron Ingot, Cast Iron Scrap and Hardcoke, Fire Clay. Supply of CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine, CNC Engraving Machine, Vertical Bore Cleaning Machine, Vertical Milling Machine,Box Type Resistance Furnance/Muffle Furnace, Surface Grinding Machine, Raw Materials, Tool (Group 8). Supply of China Clay (Casting) Ceramic Grade, Ball Clay (Casting & Forming), Feldsper Lump (Body) (4 Lots). Procurement of 150 MT HDPE Granules. Supply of Die, Punch, Rim Thickness Gauge, Raw Materials, Hard Steel Ball, PETN, CNC Automatic Lathe Machine, C or Forth Axis Haas CNC Machining Center, Automatic Induction Heating Based Up-setting Machine (For Barrel Forging), Multi Purpose Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Sodium Nitrite with 10 Items, Sodium Hydroxide with 14 Items, Walking Green Mower, Fork Lift Truck, Center-Less Grinding, Automatic Sand Blasting Machine, Medium Mortar with Accessories, Consultant for LMG BD-15 Gauge (Group 17). Supplying of Hot Rolled mild Steel Strips (2 Lots). Procurement of Raw Materials for Optical Fiber Cable (Virgin Black Polyethylene Granules (MDPE) for Outer Jacket of OFC, Galvanized Steel Rope (Different Sizes), Coloured Optical Fiber (Single Mode G652D, Different Colors, Tube Lessing Jell (Thixotropic) PBT Granules for Loose Tube (Natural Color), Virgin Material, PBT Color Master Batch (Different Colors), OFC Core Filling Compound, Polyester Foil (Different Sizes) for OFC, Co-polymer Coated Aluminum Tape, Slitted Sizes for OFC, Water Blocking Tape (Different Size) for OFC, Co-polymer Coated Steel Tape, Slitted Sizes for OFC, Hot Marking Foil (White) for Cable Marking), Raw Materials for HDPE Silicon Duct (Virgin HDPE Granules, Natural Color (Pipe Grade), Silicon Master Batch, HDPE Color Master Batch), Raw Materials for Telecommunication Copper Cable (Virgin HDPE Granules for Wire Insulation, Natural Colour, PVC Compound for Jacket Insulation, Petroleum Jelly (Cable Grade), Polital Foil, Galvanized steel Tape Different Size), Raw Materials for Overhead Conductor Cable (Aluminum Wire/Rod (9.5 mm), Galvanized Steel Wire Core (Different Size), PVC Compound, Black Colour, Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Granules) (Lot-24). Supply of Hydraulic Press machine, Electro Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer, CNC Bench Polisher Finishing Machine, CNC Lathe Machine, 3 Axis CNC Turning Center, Fuze Head Mould, Walnut (Seasoned) Wood, High Quality Cold Drawn Steel Wire, Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strip, Tools, Cutter, Barium Peroxide with 8 Items, Rasin Coated Sand, Hole Punching Press Machine, Universal Horizontal Milling Machine, 4 Spindle Gang Drill Machine, Fork Lift Truck (Lot-15). Supply of Raw Mat for Rifle, Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Raw Material of Polymide & Polystrene, Precision Instrumental Lathe Machine (Lot-6) Procurement of CNC Vertical Machining Centre, Double Soindle 5 Axis CNC Turning Centre, 8 Axis Portable Arm Type CMM with 3D Scanner, Bullet Blanking and Cupping Machine, Universal Milling Machine, NC Bridge Port Milling Machine, Gear Shaping Machine, Double Column Metal Cutting Band saw Machine, Hole Making EDm Machine, Tools (29 Items, 49 Items), Cutter, Pig Iron with 6 Items, Surface Grinding Machine, Built Welding Machine and 3D Laser (SLS) Printer (Lot-16). Supply of Tin Leaf Qty 2500 kg and Brass Strip, Mercury Qty 1000 kg, Propellant Size 2/1 Qty 99 Ton and Size Qty 10 Ton, 75 Round Drum Type Magazine Qty 15000, G.M.C.S Strip 3.2 and 1.1 Qty-250 Ton and 30Ton, G.M.C.S Strip 3.1 and 0.99 Qty-500 Ton and 300 Ton, Hot Forging Die Block, Plastic Box for Ammunition and Grenade Packing, Steel Core, Pure Lead, Plastic Tube for Detonator, Raw Mat, Recycle ABS, HDPE Qty, PVC LT Cable, Diamond Wheel Dresser, Cylindrical Grinding Machine (Lot-17). Procurement of Pig Iron Standard Foundry.
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