Monday, September 16, 2019

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Medical Furniture Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Medical Furniture. At present we have 16 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Supply of Medicine (Drugs), Surgical Equipment & Other, Hospital Linen, Gauge, Bandage & Cotton, Chemicals & Regent and MSR Furniture & Repair (6 Lots). Enlistment of Supplier for Supply of Stationery Items, Cleaning Goods, MSR Goods (Medical & Surgical Equipment), Pathology Reagent, Printing Items, Furniture & Miscellaneous Items (Group 6). Supply of M.S.R Goods (Medicine, Equipment (Hospital/Surgical Equipment/Rubber Goods & Repair), Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Lilen Items, Chemical Reagent), Furniture/Crokeries (Group 6). Supply of M.S.R Goods (Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Chemical Reagent, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Lilen, Furniture) (Group 6). Supply of Medicine, Medical/Surgical Equipment, Testing & Chemical Re-Agent, Linen Item, Gauze, Bandage & Cotton and Medical Furniture (Lot-06). Supply of heavy duty wheelchair for operational requirements to carry sick/disabled passengers. Supply of Medicine, Surgical Instrument, Chemical Re-agent & X-Ray Film, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Linen and Furniture (6 Lots). Enlistment of Contractor For Repair of Vehicle, Furniture, Medical Equipment, Supply & Repair of Computer Items, Broadcasting and Advertising, Printing & Binding Works. Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Chemical Re-Agent, Lilen Items, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Furniture & Kitchen Items) (Group 6). Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Linen Items, Surgical Equipment, Gauge, Bandage, Chemical Reagent & Furniture) (Group 6). Purchase of Medical Equipment (Automated Aphaeresis System, Video Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Machine, ETT Machine, Echo Color Doppler Machine, Dental Chair, Auto Hematology Analyzer Machine, Auto Hormone Analyzer Machine, Auto Biochemistry Analyzer Machine, Electric Orthopedic Drilling Machine & Microtome Machine). Supply of M.S.R (Medicine, Equipment, Linen, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, X-Ray Goods, Chemical Reagent, Furniture & Kitchen Items) (Group 6). Supply of Medicine, Surgical Materials, Furniture, Gauze, bandages, cotton goods, Linen Item, Chemical Reagent and X-ray Film (Lot-6). Supply of Medicine Items, Surgical Equipment, Linen Items, Gauge Bandage, Cotton, Chemical Re-agent, Furniture & Kitchen Items (6 Lots). Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Chemical Reagent, Surgical Equipment, Gauge, Bandage & Cotton, Linen Goods, Furniture & Kitchen Goods) (Group 6). Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Chemical Reagent, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Linen) & Furniture (Group 6).
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