Sunday, September 22, 2019

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M.S.R Goods Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure M.S.R Goods. At present we have 24 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Procurement of glassware and aplliences (Syringe Filter, Syringe and Glass Test Tube and other glassware). Procurement of Usable items (Sticker, Hand Gloves, Head Cap Cotton, Laboratory Shoe, Musk, Medical Apron, Laboratory Roll Gauze, Disposal apron, Paper Label, Filtration Cloth, Surgical Gauze, Brown Paper, Acid Proof Hand gloves). Request for Quotation (RFQ) For Surgical Materials, Printing and publications materials. Procurement of Safety Box. Supply of Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Linen Group, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Chemical & Re-agent, Furniture & Crockeries. Procurement of 4.5 Million PCS. Auto Disable (AD) Syringe. Supply of Surgical Equipment, Chemical & Flim Item, Gauze, Bandage, Cotton, Linen and Rubber Item, Purchase & Repair of Furniture, Repair of Others Equipment & Accessories (Lot-06). Purchase of Raw Materials & Spare Parts For Vehicles, Medical & Surgical Requsite (MSR), Repair of Motor Vehicles (Lot-03). RFQ for Supplying Dignity Kits. Supply of Medicine (Drugs), Surgical Equipment & Other, Hospital Linen, Gauge, Bandage & Cotton, Chemicals & Regent and MSR Furniture & Repair (6 Lots). Enlistment of Supplier for Supply of Stationery Items, Cleaning Goods, MSR Goods (Medical & Surgical Equipment), Pathology Reagent, Printing Items, Furniture & Miscellaneous Items (Group 6). Supply of M.S.R Goods (Medicine, Equipment (Hospital/Surgical Equipment/Rubber Goods & Repair), Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Lilen Items, Chemical Reagent), Furniture/Crokeries (Group 6). Supply of M.S.R Goods (Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Chemical Reagent, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Lilen, Furniture) (Group 6). Supply of Medicine, Medical/Surgical Equipment, Testing & Chemical Re-Agent, Linen Item, Gauze, Bandage & Cotton and Medical Furniture (Lot-06). Purchase of First Aid Kits. Supply of Medicine, Surgical Instrument, Chemical Re-agent & X-Ray Film, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Linen and Furniture (6 Lots). Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Surgical Equipment, Chemical Re-Agent, Lilen Items, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Furniture & Kitchen Items) (Group 6). Supply of Diet for Patient, Office Stationery, Linen Washing, MSR, Bedding Clothing, Chemical Items, Security Guard and Cleaner (7 Lots). Supply of Medicine, Pathological Re-Agent, Dental Items, Medical Items (Group 4). Supply Of MSR Goods (Lot-6). Supply of M.S.R (Medicine, Equipment, Linen, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, X-Ray Goods, Chemical Reagent, Furniture & Kitchen Items) (Group 6). Purchase of Medicine, MSR Instrument, Chemical, Re-agent, X-ray Film, Gauge, Bandage, Cotton, Linen Goods (5 Lots). Supply of Medicine, Surgical Materials, Furniture, Gauze, bandages, cotton goods, Linen Item, Chemical Reagent and X-ray Film (Lot-6). Supply of MSR Goods (Medicine, Chemical Reagent, Surgical Equipment, Gauge, Bandage & Cotton, Linen Goods, Furniture & Kitchen Goods) (Group 6).
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