Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Soap/Detergent Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Soap/Detergent. At present we have 3 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Procurement of Image Setter Film, White Film, Cello Tape, Synthetic Slice Sponge, Rubber Blanket, Under Blanket, Dampening Hose Cover, V-Belt, Round Belt, Harpic Poweder, Vim Powder, NT Cutter, Steel Scissor, Pencil Battery, Synthetic Adhesive Glue, Soap with Carbolic, Water Drinking Glass, Old Cloth, PVC Tape, LED Tube Light, Aluminium Body, Fan Capacitor, Telecommunication Cable, PVC Insulated and PVC PVC Sheathed Flexible Cable, UTP NEtwork Cable, Fiber Optic Network Cable, Neon Tester, Switch, Telephone Joint Box, PVC Channel, Star Screw, Plastic Bucket, Lock, Wax, Resin Ribon, Steel Stitching Wire, Carbide Paper, Label Paper Roll, Tar Cata, Round Saw, ElectricHand Randha. Purchase of Bedding, Lilen, Uniform, General Items (Soap, Bleaching Powder, Phinile etc), Computer Accessories (Toner, Keyboard, Motherboard etc), Electric Goods, Surgical Goods (Gauze, Bandage, Cotton), Pathology Chemical& Reagent, MEdicine, Device (Dengu, Maleria, HBSAg etc), Dental Accessories (Lot-9). Supply of Stationary items and Arosol, Coconut, Hand Wash, Toilet Shop, Toilet Cleaner, Toilet Tissue, White Board, White Board Duster.
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