Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Tank/Reservoir/Soak Well Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Tank/Reservoir/Soak Well. At present we have 33 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Construction of Brick Foundation & Wall, Bhaban with Ancillary Works & Water Tank Installation and Tube Well Installation Works (Group 2). Repair work of 10 nos septic tank of officers quarter, sailors colony and sailors quarter. Construction of 01 nos Community Toilet with 3 Cubicales One Urinals 2 Wash Basins 01 Septic Tank and 3 Soak well with Sanitary Electrical Works. Improvement of Road, Construction & Installation of Palisading work and Septic Tank. Soling & HBB of of Road and Installation of Deep Tube Well and Construction of Drain Slab, Protection Wall, Sanitary Tank, Drain, Seating Bench, Culvert, House, Gate and Supply of Laptop and Development of Field, Madrasha, School and Installation of Burner & Iron Pipe and Repair & Painting of Office and Renovation of Drain and Complete of Incomplete Gate (Group 20). Repair and Renovation of babhan, Bathroom, Safety Tank, Water Tank for Damping Ground Works. Construction of One RCC Pumping Platform, RCC Over Head Tank, UPVC Buried Pipe Branch Lines OP, Re-Construction of UPVC Buried Pipe Lines, Repair, Maintenance and Supply, Installation of Water Tank for Ansar Barak. Construction of the 1st Floor roof (2100 sft) of 1st Class Magistrate Court (Electricity) situated by dismantling the existing outworn roof and accessory maintenance works (Construction of septic tank & wash room including guard room and repairing boundary wall). Internal necessary repair and sanitary works & raising of drain-apron and weather coat of exterior side of building and installation of overhead tank on roof with necessary repair works of building. Internal necessary repair and sanitary works & raising of drain-apron and weather coat of exterior side of building and installation of overhead tank on roof with necessary repair works of building. Construction of Master Drain, Soak Well, Silo Pit, Bull Exercise Plant. Construction of Rain Water Harvesting and remaining works. Construction of Rain Water Harvesting. Repair and Renovation of Internal Enclosure, Visitor Shed, Boundary Wall, Bed, Path & Water Sanitation Line, Gallery, Hanging Rack, Floors, Aquatic House Tank, Security/Forest Guard/Head Mali/Driver Barrack and Re-Construction of Ghatla (Group 9). Construction of Brick Flat Soling Road, Guide Wall, Box Culvert, Tank for Public Toilet, Cross Drain Culvert, Drain, Culvert, Boundary Wall, Aornmental Railing, RCC Road, Public Toilet, RCC Culvert, Water Supply Line and Supply of Fan, Furniture, Beanch, Pen, Khata, Training Materials and Repair of Madrasha & Completion of Incomplete works of Madrasha & Mosque Complex (Lots-20). Installation of 2 nos 150x250mm dia production well , 2 nos pump house, 4nos 38mm dia Upvc TTw, Mechanical works(Submersible pump with accessories), 100cum OHT , Electrical works, Boundary/Security wall ,water distribution network with connection, office equipment, chlorination tank & disinfection with chlorine. Construction of Master Drain, 150 mm X 300 mm Deep Tube Well and 50000 Gallon underground water reservoir. Installation of 2(Two) Nos 38 mm dia Test Tubewells, Production well, Construction of Pump House, Over Head Tank, Boundary Wall, Installation of Mechanical (2 Nos Submersible Pump with other accessories) Works, Electrical Works, Distribution Network, Chlorination Tank and Disinfection with Chlorine in OHT, Supply and Installation of Office Equipment. Replacing over-head water tank with other repair and maintenance works(paint). Construction of Community Toilet with 3 Cubicles one urinals 2 wash basin 01 septic tank and 3 soak well Sanitary Electrical works. Construction of 20000 gallon capacity underground water reservoir. Construction of Septic Tank, Heighten of Boundary wall, Fencing with Barbed wire, Drain & Saucer Drain. Repair of Barrak Bhaban, Safety Tank & Soak Well, Boundary Wall (Lot 3). Construction as Vertical Extension of Second, Third and Fourth Story of Police Officers Dormitory as per Type-6 Including Civil, Internal Sanitary and Electrification, Boundary Wall, Internal R CC Road, Surface Drain, Underground Water Reservoir, Deep Tube Well along with Test Tube Well, Security Light and Garden Light, Saluting Dias, Surge Protection and Fire Extinguisher. Construction of Estimate For HBB Road, Septic Tank, Protection Wall & Ghat, Drain and 2 Nos Golchakkar Seat. Estimate for Repair of VIP Rest House, Old Auditorium, Bangabandhu Mural, Sewing cum Comp. Lab cum Sales Center, Guard shed, RCC Road, Overhead Tank. Construction of Stage, Water House, Drain, Boundary Wall, Stair, PCC Casting of Floor, Plaster Work of Wall, Earth Filling Work, Replacement of Shed by Changing Angle, Color Tin, Manufacturing and Installation of RCC Slab, Air Conditioner (Lot-11). Construction of Water Line from water pipe line and Water Re-server apporach Road and Gate. Construction of Water Re-server. Construction of Water Re-server. Construction of Ground Reservoir with Cascade Tray, Pump Operator House, Vessel Foundation with Necessary Fittings, Fencing. Repair of Toilet and Painting Works of Barrack and Installation of Reserve Water Tank (2 Lots).
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