Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Railway & Related Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Railway & Related. At present we have 9 tender notices under this sub-category. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

Emergency renewal of bridge sleeper including changing of hook bolts & Canted bearing plate with other related works of bridge. Emergency changing of existing worn out rail with new MG PC sleeper including ballasting and other related works, & Rehabilitation of goods line-1 connecting points, Construction of a new train lighting line with installation of automatic carriage washing machine along with total 12Km shallow screening & tamping of DG & MG lines, overhauling of points & crossing and complete track renewal with other ancillary works. Through Sleeper Renewal of Bridge and (Main line and loop line) with other related works. Casual Renewal by MG steel sleeper with conversion of fish plated Track into SWR Track at main line 20.00 K.M and Complete Track Renewal of loop line No.2 at station & Through Sleeper renewal of loop line No. 1 & 4 at Tista staion Total loop line 2.13 km with other ancillary works in SSAE/Way/Tista section. Through Sleeper Renewal by Pre-stressed Concrete sleeper of BG Track at station with other ancilary works. Through Sleeper Renewal by Pre-stressed Concrete Sleeper of BG Track at Junction station yard line No. 4, 5 & 6 including construction of cross drain as per plan with other ancillary works. Construction of Railway Bridge. Request for Expression of Interest for Selection of Consulting Firm for Construction Supervision Consultancy Services Dual Gauge Double Between Joydebpur-Ishurdi Section of Bangladesh Railway. Renovation of 21 Nos. Meter Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotives with Necessary components and spares.
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