Friday, May 24, 2019

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Tender Notices of Bandarban

We cover each and every newspaper that publishes tender notice. Here you will find all live tender notices that were published in . Please let us know if you do not find any tender notice here that you know was published in .

Supplying and Installation of Advanced Directional Sign and Road marking at Different Location of Roads. Supply of Empty Geo-Bags, Empty Synthetic Bags, Bricks and Local Sand at Different Stack-yard. Lease of Toll Point & Khyaghat. Emergency Construction of RCC Cross Drain & U-Drain. Emergency Repair and Protective work of damaged abutment of steel bridge by Bullah Palisiding & Dumping Plastic bag and Sand. Lease of Toll Point & Khyaghat. Vertical Extension of Zilla Server Station. Manufacturing & Supplying of furniture. Vertical Extension of Existing two Storied Academic Building at High School. Supply/Purchase of Stationery & Office Items. Purchase of Ladder, Jute Rope, Rain Coat Draw Vice Wire, Grio Hammer, Hand Gloves, Chain Pooly and other Necessary Materials for Emergency Substation and Line Maintenance. Water Supply of Filtering Resarver and Construction of Toilet (Two Room). Construction of RCC Stair. Supply of Health Item, Stationary, Dress Sewing, Medicine, Dry-Food, Tyre tube & battery, manpower by outsourcing method, Hiring of Car, Microbus, Machinery & Equipment, Motor vehicles Repair (Lot-11). Supply of Medicine, Equipment, Linen Item, Gauze Bandage, Cotton, X-Ray Chemical Re-Agent, Furniture & Others (Lot-06). Construction of 6 Storey with 10 Storied Foundation, Store, Car Parking and Other Facilities, Construction of Remaining Work For 4th Floor, Service Block, Link Corridor, Ammo Store (Single Storey with Single Storied Foundation), 3X Goin For Protection of River, Renovation/Alternation/Modification Work Including Ancillary Work and Furniture (Lot-07). Prepare/Development/Renovation/Maintenance of Training Field. Construction of Wash Block and Kitchen Shed, Latrine, Septic Tank including Ancillary Works. Renovation and repainting works at outer wall of office bhaban, pump house, residential building of RE and boundary wall with barbed wire fencing of office area of Lama Electric Supply. Construction of Bridge Culvert(Lot-492). Vertical Extension of Existing Academic Building 1st 2nd & 3rd floor including Sanitary Water supply & Electrification works. Rehabilitation of Road. Rehabilitation of Road. Construction of Flexible Pavement. Emergency Protective Work of Road by RCC Retaining wall. Construction of Road Side Drain. Construction of New Pavement By HBB. Construction of RCC Retaining Wall. Construction of HBB Road. Vertical extension including ancillary works to existing SMBK Complex Bldg, Construction of 1 x SM BK (5 story with 05 storied foundation) including ancillary works, Road, Bridge (Lot-6). Lease of Toll Point (Group-14).
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