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Tender Notices of Sylhet

We cover each and every newspaper that publishes tender notice. Here you will find all live tender notices that were published in . Please let us know if you do not find any tender notice here that you know was published in .

Supplying of Geo-Bags with necessary sand and sewing equipment. Manufacture, Supply & Installation of Furniture, Replika, Painting, Printing work, Electric & Sanitary Materials & Equipment, Gallery wallpaper & Carpet Change work, Renovation, Repair & Ancillary work of Officer Quarter, door change, Barrack, CC Camera, Civil, Sanitary & Electrification work, Construction of gallery, Road, Beautification of Flower Garden, Supply of Soyabean Oil, Mosur Dal, Labor with Ration Loading & Unloading Works, Rice, Wheat Crushing and Sales of Empty Jute & Plastic Sack (Group 6). Establishment of International Standard Hotel-cum-Resorts with other Facilities at Existing Parjatan Motel, Sylhet Compound of Bangladesh Parjatan Cosporation. Procurement of Nursery Materials (Composed/Decomposed Cowdung for Copless Management). Procurement of Celling Fan for Office and Resident Buildings. Repair and Maintenance of Road (Power plant and Residential Area). Construction of Helipad & Lighting System. Purchase of Electric Item, Stationery Goods, Printing & Binding, Hardware & Plumbing Goods, Sewing Dress, Cloth Washing & Laundry Work, Hair Cutting, Supply & Repair of Furniture, painting & Repair of Different Bhaban (Lot-08). Supply of Vehicle Raw Materials and Spare Parts and Repair/Fitting, Tyre-Tube and Battery, Pickup, Microbus, Leguna, CNG Auto Rickshaw on Rental Basis, Purchase of Departmental Store Stationery, Stationary Item, Computer and Accessories, Ribbon, Equipments and Other Items, Furniture and Cooked Food, Labor Cost, Dress Sewing(Lot-11). Construction of Axle Load Control Station and Construction of Toll Plaza at Road. Purchase of Soybean Oil, Dal, Fire Woods, Wheat Crushing, Labour (load & Unload), Sales of Sack (Group-06). Construction of RCC ballast protection wall including re-profiling of cess and bank. Procurement of Turbine Meter and Cathodic Protection Materials (Anode Cadweld, Cap, Turbine Meter with EVC, Thermo Electric Generator (TEG) (Group 3). Loading of Fertilizer Sack (2 Lots). Procurement of maintenance tools, appliance and consumables and hardware for workshop and Mech Maintenance. Procurement of Ball Valve, Glove Valve and Check Valve, Filter Separator Liquid Separator and Knock Out Drum and Slam Shut-Off Valve Regulator, Relief Valve and Spare Parts (Lot-3). Construction of Public Toilets, Community Latrines, Primary Drains, Sludge Treatment Plant, Solid Waste Composting System, Communal Bins and Solid Waste Sorting Shed. Supply of Books for Central Library. Procurement of Tape & Primer, MS Fittings and SS Fitting ( Polythylene Tape & Primer, Bend, Elbow, Tee, Reducer, IJ, Saddle, End Cap, Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Screwed Ball Valve, Needle Valve, Compression Coupling, Thinsulator) (Group 3). Procurement of Nursery Materials (Poly-Propylene Bags, Loamy Soil, Composed/de-Composed Cowdung)(Lot-3). Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 33/11 KV Sub-Stations (Lot-4). Works of Staking & Loading of Fertilizer Bag (Group-02). Repair of Barrack, Construction of Gate (Group-2). Supply & Installation Generator with Substation, Generator Shed and Substation Room, External Electric Supply Line, Provision of Fire Fighting System, External Electric Supply Line, Water Supply Line and LP Gas System with Substation (Lot-07). Supply and Installation of Generator Set, Replacement/Re-Fitting/Addition of Existing External Water Supply Line, Provision of External Electric Supply Line with Transformer, External Water Supply Line with Submersible Pump Including Ancillary Work (Lot-06). Procurement of Service by Hiring Mobile Crane. Construction of Tin Shed, Store, Toilet, Water & Electric Line, Door, Floor, Drain, Garage, Boundary wall. Construction of 1st and 2nd Floor of Multipurpose Auditorium. Procurement of Wheat Bran, Khashari Bran, Maize Gram, Soybean Meal and Salt ( Iodize). Installation of Tube well with submersible Pump, Supply of water over head tank. Transportation of Fertilizer Sack with loading & Unloading (Lot-3). Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Fume hude, Pocket Dosimeter, IPS, Dehumidifier and Tool Box. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Survey Meter. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Split type Air Cooler Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Multimedia Projector with Screen. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Computer with UPS and Printer and Photocopier. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Normal Refrigerator. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of L-Block Table top shielding, Lead shielded Syringe, Lead syringe carrier, Lead pot and Mobile lead Shield barrier. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Micropipette, Incubator, Blood Centrifuge and Assay Tube Rack. Construction of class room of Primary School. Repair and Renovation work of the Government Residence. Supply of Electrical Line Construction Materials (Anchor Log) (2 Lots). Loading Works of Fertilizer (Group-2). Construction of Gas Pipeline with Supply of Related Goods & Services. Supply of Pre- printed Registration Card and Tabulation Sheet JSC and SSC. To supply of Main answer scripts and additional answer scripts with OMR Sheet for JSC Exam -2019. Repairing work of Staff shed. Repairing and Painting of Office building. Supply of spare parts for propulsion unit and other related spare parts for Ferry MAN Engine. Supply of Diet for Patient, Stationery & Miscellaneous Items and Cloth Washing Works and Supply of Sweeper by Agreement Basis (Group 4). Request for Expression of Interest for Selection of Consulting Firm for Construction of 300 Bed Combined Military Hospital (CMH) (10 Storey with 10 Storied Foundation) including Ancillary Works. Plantation with 2 (two) years maintenance work at different part of Road. Development of Bazar. Improvement of Jame Mosjid. Improvement of Jame mosjid (3rd Floor). Construction of Mondir. Development of Jame Mosjid. Maintenance of Eidgah. Development of Jame Mosjid. Development of Jame Mosjid. Periodic maintenance of Road. Improvement of Jame Mosque. Improvement of Mondir. Improvement of Mondir. Improvement of Mondir. Improvement of Shoshan Ghat. Improvement of Jame Mosque. Improvement of Graveyard. Improvement of Jame Mosque. Improvement of Graveyard. Conducting 04 Nos. test boring. Construction of entrance gate house. Request for Expression of Interest for Consulting Firm for Construction of Bangabandhu Multipurpose Complex. Maintenance of Two storied Staff Quarter. Supply of Tyres for Bus. Lease of Public Toilet. Construction of Govt Primary School. Improvement of Road by Earthwork, BC, Construction of Drainage Culvert, Protective works on the Same Road. Construction of Bridge Culvert(Lot-492). Maintenance and Improvement of Road, Construction of Ghat. Construction of Boundary Wall, Shahid Minar, Mosque. Construction of Mosque, Road. Construction of Madrasa, Drain, Boundary wall, Road, Bhaban Floor Maintenance, Supply for Water Motor and Electric fan. Construction of Drain, Road, Boundary Wall. Procurement of service air compressor with motors. Procurement of Security Fencing. Procurement of Tyre Tubes for office vehicles. Development of Road By Brick Soling, Construction of Drain and Installation of RCC Pipe (Lot-10). Procurement of Flat. Road HBB Work. Supply of Education & Education Learning materials.. Supply of Furniture. Procurement of Air Filter For Gas Turbine & Process Air Compressor. Construction of Different Road (Group 10). Procurement of whole maize, Rice Polish, Soyabean Meal, Protein Concentrate, Salt, Limestone, Vitamin Mineral Premix Multivitamin ( WS), Rice Husk and whole Maize Crush. Procurement of Wheat Bran, Maize, Soyabean Meal, Vitamin Mineral Premix, Lime Stone (Powder), D C P Salt and Rice Straw. Construction of Boundary wall & Main Gate. Construction of RCC Box Drain at River. Construction of Double Barrel Igloo, Division Head Quarter, Famioli Quarters, SMBK Complex with CH/DH and Recreation Room, internal/external works, Academic Complex, Officers BOQ and Mess, Batmen Accomodation and Other Fascilities, Explosive Store including ancillary works (Lot-10). Site Development work for Regional O&M Complex. Rehabilitation of RHD Road. Rehabilitation of 32.00 m RCC Girder Bridge. Rehabilitation of RHD Road. Rehabilitation of RHD Road. Improvement of Road. Improvement of Road, Construction of Drainage Culvert. Improvement of Road, Construction of Drainage Culvert. Improvement of Road. Purchase of Furniture. Supply of Manpower (Day Labour- No Work No Payment Based). Repair and Maintenance and Terracing of 500 Sqft (E-1) Building. Construction of 9-storied Academic Building with 9-storied foundation including civil, sanitary & electrification works. Supply of Food & Food Related Items, Educational Items, Health Items, Cosmetics & Others and Miscellaneous Items (Group 7). Provision of External Electric & Water Supply Line including HP Submersible Pump Motor and Fire Fighting System including Ancillary Works and Supply & Installation of Generator Set (Group 5). Procurement of 02 Set Walk through metal detector(Archway). Procurement of 2 items Power capacitor & 3 phase network control relay. Conversion of Existing External Water Supply Line with Ancillary Works and Provision of Medical Gas Line including Ancillary Works for 399 Bed Hospital and Supply & Installation of Passenger Type Lift and Deep Tube Well including Ancillary Works (Group 5). Construction of Division Head Quarter(4 Storey with 4 Storied Foundation), Quarter (14 Storey with 14 Storied Foundation), Anex Office Building (12 Storey with 12 Storied Foundation), Composite SM BK (5 Storey with 6 Storied Foundation), Cadets Accn (8 Storey with 8 Storied Foundation) with ancillary works (Lot-6). Strengthening & Reconstruction Providing Aggregate Base Type-1 Carpeting & Seal Coat at Road. Enlistment/Renew of Supplier for Supply of Hardware Tools, Machineries, Motor Vehicle Spares Parts, Tyre & Tube, Bearing & Sanitary Goods, Laboratory Chemical & Apparatus, Medicine & Medical Equipment, Electrical Goods, Printing, Stationary Items, Office Equipment, Wood & Steel Furniture & Uniforms & Liveries & Miscellaneous Goods (Group 5). Construction of RHD Road (Lot-9). Construction of Vertical Extension of One Floor in Primary Building and Six Storey Student Accommodation including Ancillary Works (Group 2). Procurement of Computer, Laptop & Dot Printer. Supply of Rice, pulses, spices, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, bread, biscuits, milk and Dairy Products (Group-5). Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dual Head SPECT-CT with Accessories. Supply of Diet For Patient (Rice, Dal, Spice, Vegetable & Fruit, Fish, Meat, Egg, Bread, Biscuit, Milk, Dairy Food) (Group-05). Development of Sheola Land Port including Construction Building, Pavement and Other Infrastructure as Well as Installation of Necessaries Equipment & Utilities. Supply of Pressure Transmitter and Positioner. Vertical Extension of 1st & 2nd floor of existing single storied Academic building with 4-storied foundation in/c. Sanitary, Water Supply & Internal Electrification works. Vertical extension including ancillary works to existing SMBK Complex Bldg, Construction of 1 x SM BK (5 story with 05 storied foundation) including ancillary works, Road, Bridge (Lot-6). Procurement of Cathodic Protection Material. Construction of 6 Storey with 6 Storied Foundation & Recreation of Room, Vertical Extension of Under Construction BK 3rd & 4th Floor over 2nd Floor including Internal/External Work & Ancillary Works (Lot-05). Hiring of Drill Steam Testing (DST) & Surface Testing Service and DTS Services Supporting Spares for Zakiganj-1 Exploratory Well. Supply of 02 Set Transmission Shaft for Cooling Tower Fan, 200 Pcs Liquid Ammonia Cylinder Valve & Pressure Gauge & Temperature Gauge (3 Lots). Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Training Link System and OB Equipment. Expansion of Osmani International Airport.
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