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Tender Notices of ,

You will find all tender notices of , . At present we have 40 tender notices under this department. Please let us know if you know about a particular tender notice but you did not find that tender notice here.

License for C&F Agent. Supply of Desktop, Computer, Laptop, Color Printer, Duplex Printer, Network, Scanner and UPS etc. Hiring of Microbus Service. Supply of Manpower by Outsourcing Method (Driver, Office Assistant). Development and Printing of EVM Operational Manual for Use by Presiding and other Officers. Hire of AC Microbus. Purchase of Stationary & Other Goods. Purchase of Desktop Computer. Procurement of Computer related accessories. Procurement of Desktop Computer, Laptop, Scanner and Printer. Supply and Installation of Desktop Computer, Laptop, Scanner, Fax Machine, Black & White Printer and Color Printer. Procurement of Computer and Hardware. Procurement of Medical Equipment. Supply and Installation of Office Furniture. Supply & Installation of Personal Computer (PC), Printer, UPS, Scanner and Laptop. Purchase and Installation of IP Camera. Purchase of Computer-Core i5. Procurement of Gold Medol, Metal Molded special type trophy, Event Management work for Jonoproshason Podak-2020 (Lot-03). Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Implementation of Network System & Security Devices. Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Implementation of Server, Storage, Backup System, Oracle Database, Operating System and Related Services. Lease of Jalmahal. Procurement of Stationary, Electrical Equipment and Cleaning Materials (03 Lots). Procurement of ICT Equipment. Supply of Desktop Computer. Rent a Space for Joyeeta Foundation Departmental Store. Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Selection of Consulting Firm for Preparation of Drawing, Design and Supervision of Construction Work for Implementation. Request for Expression of Interest for Hiring a Firm for Enhancement, Development & maintenance of Digital platform Konnect an Edutainment, Soft Skills and Counseling Platform for Adolescents and Youths. Development & Printing of Leaflets. Request for Expression of Interest for Selection of Individual Consultant (e-Nothi Implementation Expert, Service Simplification Implementation Expert, Service Process Simplification Domain Expert). Hiring of Car, Microbus. Procurement of Desktop computer and Monitor. Supplying Stationary/Miscellaneous Goods. Supplying Furniture. Supplying Information technology and equipment. Supplying Instrument & Other Equipment. Hiring of Micro-bus & Sedan Car. Selection of External Auditor (Chartered Accountant Firm). Procurement of 110 Nos. Desktop Computer, 110 Nos. of Offline UPS, 23 Nos. of Scanner and 30 Nos. Laser Printer Supply of Chemical, Raw Materials and Other Goods. RFP for Govt. Donation for Film Making.
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