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Civil Works (Construction) Tender Notices

You will find all tender notices intended to procure Civil Works (Construction). At present we have 1694 tender notices under this category. We have arranged these tender notices in 61 sub-categories for your convenience. Please let us know if you do not find the product sub-category you are looking for.

Aluminum Works
Bazaar, Market, Shop
Beautification related works
Bicycle/Motorcycle Stand
Bridge (Large)
Bridge/Culvert (Medium & Small)
Building (Medium & Small)
Bus Terminal
Cattle/Zebra Crossing
Civil Works (Medium & Small)
Civil Works(Large)
Dam, Barrage Related
Drain Slabs
Drain, Canal
Dredging work
Ferry Ghat/Jetty/Pontoon/Launch Terminal
Fly Over
Foot Over Bridge
Footpath, Pavement
Gas Line & Related (Large)
Gas Line & Related (Medium & Small)
Gate, Collapsible Gate/Shutter
Grills/ Still Structure
Hatchery, Fishery, Cattle Yard
Kilometer Post(K.M.)
Lagoon, Waterway
Land Development, Earth Filling
Oil Line & Related (Large)
Oil Line & Related (Medium & Small)
Other Construction
Other Large Construction
Painting Works for Building, Pole, Road and related
Park, Suffery Park, Picnic Spot and related
Piling Works
Pipe/Pipeline (Large)
Pipe/Pipeline (Medium & Small)
Railway & Related (Large)
Railway & Related (Medium & Small)
Road (Large)
Road (Medium & Small)
Sanitary/Sewerage Line & Related (Medium & Small)
Sanitary/Sewerage Line & Related(Large)
Shore Piling work
Sluice Gate/Regulator and related
Stadium/Gallery/Play Ground/Field
Steel Building/Structure and related
Swimming Pool related
Tank, Reservoir, Soak Well etc.
Toilet, Latrine, etc.
Traffic Signal System
Vehicle Garage
Wall, Boundary Wall
Water Supply Line & Related (Large)
Water Supply Line & Related (Medium & Small)
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