Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Transport Item Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Transport Item. At present we have 28 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Different AC, Vehicle Parts (Tyre), Old Furniture & Steel Furniture, Unused Computer & False Ceiling, Lighting & Parts (Lot 6). Sales of Vehicle. Procurement of Iftar Item and Sales of Catering High Lift Van (02 Lots). Sales of Different Motor Vehicle (Motor Cycle, Jeep, Pickup & Truck) (Lot 14). Sales of Different Motorcycles Sales of Vehicle (Pick Up, Motor Cycle). Sales of Vehicle (Jeep, Motor Cycle), Computer Server, Executive Chair, Chair, Training Chair, Gas Stove, Gas Cylinder, Curtain cloth, Keyboard, Bed, Black Board, Camera, Mobile Set, Siling Fan, Pick up/ Jeep Car Tyre, Air Conditioner, Old Window Grill, Window Wood, Iron goods. Sales of Motor Cycle (Lots-05). Sales of Office Furniture (Wooden & Steel), Computer & Related Item (Monitor, CPU, Printer, Scanner, Multimedia Projector, UPS, Electrical & Electronics Item & Others (Old Tyre, Battery, Ceiling Fan, Air cooler , Fridge, Photocopy Machine) (3 Lots). Sales of Jeep, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Computer Server and Common Store Goods (03 Lots). Sales of Vehicle (Sedan Car)). Sales of Tin, MS Angle Drum, Plastic Jar, Pipe, Steel Almari, Foam Making Dice, Planboard, Tinshed Door, Bike Tyre, Flap. Sales of Unuseable Vehicle. Sales of Damage Tyre Roller & Plate, Angle, Joist, Poole, Bollard & Ferry Engine, Propeller Shaft & Gear Box after repair Liner, Piston, Bearing, Gasket & Other Scrap (group-06). Sales of Old Vehicle. Sales of Damage Vehicle. Repair of Bhaban, Bathroom, Thana, Installation of Barbed Wire of over Boundary Wall, Construction of Guard Room, Supply of Dry Food/Cooked Food, Sales of Damage Vehicle, Trees by Remove (14 Lots). Sales of Scraps Goods (Tank, Vessel, Pipe, Angle, Plate, Bar, Furnace Body & Others Goods), Vehicle Damaged Goods (Hubs, Angle, Wheel Rim, Trailer Broken Goods), Lathe Machines Powder (04 Lots). Sales of Motor Cycle, Jeep & Pickup. Sales of Vehicle & Motor Cycle. Sales of Jeep, Pickup, Motorcycle. Appointment of Auctioneer for Sales of Different Type of Damage Goods & Old Vehicle. Sales of Micro Bus. Sales of Quarter, Bhaban, Banglw, Tin Shad Kitchen-room, Garage, Pick-Up, Spare Parts, Tyre-Tube, Battery and Mobil (Lot-09). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Damage/Un-usable Vehicle (Car, Micro-bus, Pickup). Seals of Damage Vehicle. Sales of 36 Nos Damaged Vehicles.
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