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Transport Item Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Transport Item. At present we have 47 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Car. Sales of Jeep, Truck, Honda. Sales of Car and Microbus (Lot-2). Sales of Vehicles. Sales of Car. Sales of Vehicles. Sales of Micro Bus. Sales of Old, Unserviceable Construction Vehicle/Item. Sales of Jeep and Motor Cycle (Lot-2). Sales of Vehicle. Invitation for Quotation for Sales of Mixture Machine Scrap, Water tank Scrap, Motor Cycle Scrap, plate Compactor Scrap, Bitumen Spryer Machine, Sakai VT Roller, Bomag VT Roller, Tractor Scrap, Mini Truck Scrap (lot-10). Sales of Mills Structure, Furniture & Office Equipment, Machineries, Stock & Stores, Vehicle & & Office Equipment. Sales of Micro-bus. Sales of Jeep and Motor Cycle (Lot-3). Sales of of Damaged Vehicles. Supply of Mosur Dal, Soyabean Oil, Wheat Crushing, Rice, Consumables Item For Departmental Store Goods, Hygienic Item, Stationery Item, Stationery, Sewing Dress, Vehicle Spare Parts, Tyre Tube & Battery, Computer & Accessories, Medical & Surgical Equipment, Furniture, Book & Periodicals, Others Spares & Accessories, Labour, Sales of Sack, Unusable Goods, Vehicle old Spares & Accessories (Lot-19). Sales of Vehicle (Pickup, Motor Cycle), Iron Goods, Single/Three Fase Meter, Capacitor (Group-2). Sales of Damage Car. Sales of Vehicle(Lot-16). Sales of Sack goods & other related, Jeep, Truck, Machinery & old Spare parts. Sales of Motor Cycle. Sales of Jeep. Sales of Damage Car. Sales of Jeep, Micro-bus, Motorcycle, Air cooler, Computer Items, Refrigerator, Television, Photocopier, Generator, washing machine, dryer machine, furniture, vehicles spare parts, Tyre tube & miscellaneous goods. Sales of Car, Microbus & Pick Up. Sales of Old & Damage Motor Cycle (Lot-14). Sales of Different Vehicle (Motor Cycle, Jeep, Pickup, Truck, Ambulance, Staff Car, Trailer, Damaged Spare Parts, Damaged Clothing, General Stores, Alluminium Scraps, Steel & Tin Scraps, Zinc Scraps, Wooden Scraps, Plastic Scraps, Roll Paper, Barrel & Jarrican). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Damage Jeep. Sales of Old & Damage Jeep. Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle (Microbus). Sales of Ambulance, Motorbikes and ICT items. Sales of Motor Cycle. Sale of Jeep, Car, Microbus, Motorcycle. Sales of Jeep, Car, Microbus & Pickup. Sales of Different Old Motor Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle (Covered Van). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle(Jeep, Trooper, Motorcycle). Sales of Damaged Vehicle Sales of Damaged Vehicle (Car). Sales of Pick Up, Jeep, Motor Cycle, Truck (Lot-23). Sales of Different Vehicle (Jeep, Microbus, Pickup, Motor Cycle). Sales of Old Machineries & Goods (Tractor, Motor Cycle & Old Goods, Combine Harvester) (Lot 4). Sales of Damage Micro-bus.
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