Monday, November 30, 2020

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Transport Item Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Transport Item. At present we have 34 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Vehicle (Pickup). Sales of Iron Goods, Plastic Goods, Tyre, Tube & Battery. Sales of Vehicles, Chemical, Food Stuff, Machineries, Motor Parts, Iron, Steel Scraps, Textiles, Fabrics, Glassware, Paper & Plastic Product. Sales of Different Vehicles (Jeep Pickup, Truck Motorcycle). Sales of Vehicle (Car). Sales of Different Vehicles. Sales of Vehicle. Supply of Soyabean Oil, Mosur Dal, Firewood, Wheat Crushing, Rice, Sales of Jute/Plastic Sack, Old Vehicle Spare Parts and Transportation with Labor (08 Lots). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Unuseable Goods. Sales of Microbus & Motor Cycle. Sales of Damage Vehicle, Scrap Metal, Scrap Battery, Tyre-tube, Rubber, Plastic & Spare of Biman. Sales of Vehicle (Car). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle (Car, Micro Bus). Sales of Damage Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle (Car). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Vehicle (Microbus). Sales of Vehicle (Car, Jeep, Pickup, Motor Cycle). Sales of vehicle, Steel goods, Garments Accessories, Cloth, Chemicals, Hardware Goods, Machinery, Ceramic Item. Sales of Ambulance. Sales of Damaged Items, Vehicle Tyre, Spare Parts, Electric Items & others Items. Sales of Reconditioned Vehicle & others Goods. Sales of Damage Items & Vehicle (Jeep, Pickup, Motorcycle). Sales of Scrap Goods (Trolly, Roller Shaft, MS Plate, Angke, Rod. Tyre, Battery, Cast Iron Chips, Ash, Mobil). Sales of Vehicle. Sales of Different Motor Cycle. Sales of Damaged Vehicle (Jeep). Sales of Unuseable Vehicle. Sales of Inventoried & Valuated Structure, Machineries, Equipments, Vehicles & other Materials by Auction.
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