Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Spare Parts Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Spare Parts. At present we have 5 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Different AC, Vehicle Parts (Tyre), Old Furniture & Steel Furniture, Unused Computer & False Ceiling, Lighting & Parts (Lot 6). Sales of Old Damaged Miscellaneous Goods/Parts. Sales of MS Scraps, Aluminium Scraps, Unusable Hanikombo, Old MS & Tin Mixed Scraps, Unnecessary Electrode Parts and Different Scraps Goods, Unnecessary/Unusable Brush Stop Cock, PVC Bib Cock, Hand Shower, PVC Connection Pipe, SS Push Shower, PVC Push Shower, Moving Mower, Angle Stop Cock, Sink Piller Cock, Basin Piller Cock, Different Valve, Silencer, PVC Lowdown Sichturn, Comode Seate Cover, Sink Basin, Bath Tap Mixture Cock, Basin Mixture Piller Cock, Two in On Bib Cock, Cutting Disk, Grinding Disk, Steel Wheel Brush, Hand Gloves, Grinding Gloves, Black Goggles, Helmet, Head Screen, Fire Hose, Oxygen Hose Pipe, Acetylene Hose Pipe, Black Roll, Different Unusable Vehicle Spares, Unusable Cable, Tube Light set (Metal), Adjust Fan, PVC Light Set, Swich, Socket, Holder, Breaker, AC Gas Cylinder, Bulb and Rubber Scraps. Sales of Scraps Goods (Tank, Vessel, Pipe, Angle, Plate, Bar, Furnace Body & Others Goods), Vehicle Damaged Goods (Hubs, Angle, Wheel Rim, Trailer Broken Goods), Lathe Machines Powder (04 Lots). Sales of Quarter, Bhaban, Banglw, Tin Shad Kitchen-room, Garage, Pick-Up, Spare Parts, Tyre-Tube, Battery and Mobil (Lot-09).
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