Monday, November 30, 2020

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Hardware (General) Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Hardware (General). At present we have 16 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Packing Wood, Wire Drum (Empty). Sales of Iron Goods, Plastic Goods, Tyre, Tube & Battery. Sales of Vehicles, Chemical, Food Stuff, Machineries, Motor Parts, Iron, Steel Scraps, Textiles, Fabrics, Glassware, Paper & Plastic Product. Sales of Process Goods (Hackle Bar, Faller Bar, Drying Roller, COp Spindle, Hub Clutch, Different Size Gear). Sales of Unuseable Goods. Sales of Hardware & Iron Item, Meter (single & three Fase Analog & Digital, Electronics & Pre-Paid), Oil Drum, Plastic Ril and Battery. Sales of Old General AC, IT Item (Computer, Monitor, CPU, UPS, Printer, Fax Machine, Photocopier Machine), Official Chair, Angle, Light Box. Sales of Usable/Repairable Empty Lube Oil Barrel, Drum, Tin, Jute/Plastic Sack, Plastic CAN & Other Packing Materials. Sales of Usable/Repairable/Damaged Soyabean Oil CAN, Barrel, Drum, Tin, Jute/Plastic Sack Plastic CAN & Other Packing Materials. Sales of Damage Bullet Made of MS Sheet. Sales of vehicle, Steel goods, Garments Accessories, Cloth, Chemicals, Hardware Goods, Machinery, Ceramic Item. Sales of Empty Oil Drum. Sales of Packing Materials (Wood), Unusable Goods (Iron). Sales of Scrap Goods (Trolly, Roller Shaft, MS Plate, Angke, Rod. Tyre, Battery, Cast Iron Chips, Ash, Mobil). Sales of Scrap & Rod. Supply of Moshur Dal, Soyabean Oil, Rice, Wheat Crushing, Labour & Transportation and Sales of Empty Sack, Cut Drums, Wooden Pallets, Stones, Iron Beards, Wooden Tender Boxes (Lots-06).
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