Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Electronics Items Auction/Sale Notices

You will find all auction/sale notices intended to procure Electronics Items. At present we have 6 auction/sale notices under this category. Please let us know if you know about a particular auction/sale notice but you did not find that auction/sale notice here.

Sales of Condemn Announced Goods (Bricks, MS Angle Bar, Rod, Netting, Collapsible Gate, Drysel Battery, Gas Cylinder, Compressor, Electric & Electronics Spare/Sanitary Materials, UPS Battery, Basin, Lowdown, Door with Plastic Frame and Auto Lock). Sales of Used Old Electronics Equipment & Furniture (UPS, UPS Battery, CPU, Scanner, Broken Chair, Glass Door, Chair Partition, Mobile Drawer. Sales of Jeep, Micro-bus, Motorcycle, Air cooler, Computer Items, Refrigerator, Television, Photocopier, Generator, washing machine, dryer machine, furniture, vehicles spare parts, Tyre tube & miscellaneous goods. Sales of Vehicle, Steel Goods, garments Accessories, Different Cloth, Chemical, Electronics & Electrical Equipment, Paper & Paper Items, Hardware, Items, Textile with Different Machinery, Ceramic Items with Different goods. Sales of Old Motor Cycle, AC, ICT Equipment & Furniture. Sales of Useless MSR, Medical Equipment, Laboratory & X-ray EquipmenFridget, AC, etc., Furniture, Steel Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Office Equipment, Electronics & Electrical Goods, computer Items, Iron Items and Others (Group-2).
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