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Tender Notices of Jashore

We cover each and every newspaper that publishes tender notice. Here you will find all live tender notices that were published in . Please let us know if you do not find any tender notice here that you know was published in .

Vertical Extension (Construction of 2nd Floor) of Control Building and Construction of Surface Drain, Garage, Observation Towers, Fire Extinguisher sheds, Approach Road etc and Civil Maintenance Works. Re-Excavation of Payra Khal. Supplying, Installation & Fixing of Digital Video Display Board. Re-Excavation of Pilot Channel of U/S & D/S of 9-Vent Sluice. Repairing & Installation of Water Supply Line in Farmer Seminar Room. Construction of RCC Signboard at Different Location Within the Polder. Repair & Painting of 5-Vent Sluice. Construction of Ghat with Palisading Work at along the left bank of Khal. Slushy Removal, Repairing and Painting of 6-Vent Sluice. Repair, Maintenance & Extension of Eco Park. Repair of Office Building and Inspection Banglow. Repair of Executive Engineer Residence and Colony. Renovation of 6.50 KM 33 kv Sub Transmission line. Construction of Primary school. Construction of Primary school. Construction of Primary school. Construction of University of Science & Technology School Building. Development work of Drain, Drain Slab & Improvement of BFS Road. Development Work At Mosque, Mondir, Madrasha, School, Supplying Of Sweing ( Pedastal ) Machine & Improvement of BFS Road. Construction of Bangabandhu Mural Platform. Development Work At Mosque, Mondir, Construction Of Gate & Improvement of BFS Road. Development Work At Mosque, Mondir, Madrasha & Improvement of BFS Road. Supply of 2400 Cum Maddhyapara variety hard Rock stone ballast. Construction of High School Flood Shelter. Construction of School & College Flood Shelter. Construction of H-Pole & Installation of 11/0.415 KV, 200/250 KVA Distribution Transformer. Construction of H-Pole & Installation of 11/0.415 KV, 200/250 KVA Distribution Transformer. Procurement of Baggage Scanning Machine and Related Services. Supply and Installation of Computer and Hardware Related Accessories. Repair/Maintenance of Tiles in Floor & Verandha Including Fitting/Fixture of Toilet & Decoration Work. Construction & Removal of Temporary Closure in the upstream of 1st Link Channel. Construction of Bridge over river. Supply & Installation of Air-cooler with related Electrical works. Construction works of a semi-pacca Building. Construction of Diversion Road. Improvement of Jame Mosque. Improvement of Jame Mosque. Re-Excavation of Pond, Construction of Ghatla Re-Excavation of Pond, Construction of Ghatla. Improvement of Road. Supply of Furniture at Executive Engineer office & different upozila office. Contraction of Pourashava Water Office. Painting, Repair & Maintenance of Baily Bridge. Construction of Ring Dyke. Reconstruction of Embankment. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of deep tube-well with accessories. Carrying of Pipe Line & Other Materials. Supply of Pre-Printed Biddyut Bill Form. Appointment of Transportation Contractor & C&F Agent. Appointment of Contractor for Supply of Food Item. Repair/Maintenance of Road, Ambulance Shed for Medical Sqn with ancillary works, VIP Complex including Verandah/Floor from Antry Room, Ground floor, V&A store and clouding store for supply sqn, Briefing room, Critical Component overhead room and Commander room including ancillary works, Office Room and Toilet, Fixing of Sink, Tiles in Kitchen including repair maintenance of Warrant Officer, Brick Bottoming Road, Replacement of all window Grill and Wooden window by Aluminum sliding window of office mess (Lot-12). Supply & Installation of Transformer with External Electric Supply Line and Substation, Diesel Generator, Deep Tube Well with External Water Supply Line, Fire Fighting System with Fitting & Fixture including Ancillary Works and Provision of Gas Supply Line with Fittings/Fixtures, External Water Supply Line with Fittings/Fixture, External Electric Supply Line with Transformer including Ancillary Works and Supply & Installation of Air Conditioning Systems including Ancillary Works (Group 8). Supply of Shirt, Pant, Sharee, Blouse, Pettycoat, Cap, Shoe, Sock, Shoulder Badge, Nameplate, Nylon Belt, Liner Whistle, Bag, Charger Light, Umbrella. Database Maintenance at SB Hqs, HSIA, Hajj Camp on monthly basis under framework Contract. Improvement of BC Road, Construction of RCC Box Drain. Improvement of BC Road. Installation of Tiles and Soling & Construction of Different Road, Drain, Box Culvert (Group 14). Supply of Cum. different sizes Special Wooden Sleeper. Supply of Hot Rolled Mild Steel Stripe. Switch-yeards berbed-wire fenching maintenance and earth filling near the boundary wall. Improvement of Road by BC. Supply of Ration (Soyabean Oil & Mosur Dal) (2 Lots). Construction of 4th Class Employees Residential Building. Supply of Computerized Electric Bill Form. Construction of Internal Road, Boundary Wall, Gate, Security Post & other Civil Works. Construction of E & F Type Residential Building (5-Storied Building with 6 Storied Foundation). Construction of D-Type Residential Building (3-Storied Building with 5 Storied Foundation). Construction of 3 Storied Office Building Cum Wire House with 5 Storied Foundation. Construction of Two 2 Storied Rural Market Building With 04 Storied Foundation. Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 33/11KV 2x10/13.33 MVA (Regular Type, AIS), 04 Nos Substation on Turnkey Basis. Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 33/11KV 2x10/13.33 MVA (Regular Type, AIS), 04 Nos Substation. Supply & Installation of 1x50 Ton Double Girder over Head Crane, Provision of External electric line KVA Transformer, amps Incoming & Amps Outgoing VCB with fittings, Provision of Iron Removal Plan Including, Construction of 100 BOQ for Sta HQ, KVA trolley Mounted Mobile Disel Generator ste, 2x Passenger type Lift B Type Qtr 10 Storey with 10 Storied foundation for sta HQ (Lot-5).
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